Best areas to live in Ocala (With Updated Home Values)

Best areas to live in Ocala (With Updated Home Values)

Best areas and neighborhoods to live in Ocala

Are you thinking about buying real estate in Ocala? Lots of families are choosing to make this highly livable city their home, and all of them want to know which areas in Ocala are the best ones.

It turns out that when it comes to neighborhoods that offer outstanding quality of life, Ocala is spoiled for choices.

Let’s take a closer look at seven of the best areas to live in Ocala.

Historic District

Ocala’s Historic District is aptly named. First developed in 1880 as a residential neighborhood, the district expanded eastward from the center of town. The earliest homes in the area are clustered along Fort King Street. This is where you’ll find numerous Queen Anne Revival and Victorian-style houses. As you progress eastward, you’ll notice that the homes become more modern, featuring bungalows and other architectural styles. One of the most attractive enticements to living in the Historic District is the many old oak trees, all of which drip with Spanish moss.

The most desirable portion of the Historic District is found southeast of Highway 40. It is a small area, encompassing only a few city blocks, but it is a remarkable neighborhood. Prices can vary widely here, ranging from approximately $350,000 up to well over one million dollars.

Ocala Historic Homes For Sale

Fort King District

fort king district ocala

The Fort King National Historic Landmark is the main attraction in this neighborhood. In addition to the reconstructed fort, there is a Visitor Center, a library, an interpretive trail and the Heritage Teaching Garden.

This is a neighborhood that boasts an abundance of beautiful houses, many of which were built in the mid 1970s as well as some newer construction. It’s close to the Historic District without being in it, which means that you can move in for a great deal less money. In recent data, $235,000 was the median home price for single-family dwellings in the Fort King District. That means that you can find home prices starting at about $200,000 and going up to $575,000.

Fort King District Homes For Sale


This is a thoughtfully designed, extremely attractive community that is quite large. It feels incredibly secluded in its perch off of Highway 200. You turn at an understated sign at the main entrance, then are pleasantly surprised by the many upscale houses and apartments in the area. If you buy a home in Heathbrook, then you will truly have it all. The community boasts an excellent gym that’s well equipped, multiple swimming pools and plentiful green spaces. Expect to spend about $275,000 for a good house. In Heathbrook, lawns and streets well kept, all is peaceful and quiet and you’ll find that you’re surrounded by lots of trees. You can buy a piece of paradise at an affordable price in this neighborhood.

Heathbrook Homes for Sale

Fore Ranch

Are you excited at the prospect of becoming a homeowner but don’t have a ton of money to spend? Fore Ranch may be the perfect location for you. Plentiful homes priced at between $180,000 and $250,000 are available here. In addition to a multitude of single-family homes, you’ll also find a broad selection of townhouses. Lots in this community tend to be a bit smaller, which may be perfect for your family if you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining a yard. Residential lots are kept smaller to provide larger areas for community amenities, of which there are many. A gym, swimming pools, splash pads, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, walking trails and man-made ponds are just the beginning. If you have a growing family, Fore Ranch is the ideal place to settle.

Fore Ranch Homes for Sale

Equestrian Homes

Ocala is the “Horse Capital of the World,” and it has worked hard to earn that title. If you want to become a part of the city’s equestrian society, opt for one of the many farms. All you really have to decide is how many acres you want. Some farms have as few as two or three acres, but other properties may have 2,000 or more acres. Accordingly, you will find a wide range of prices, with smaller farms sometimes going for as little as $150,000. On the high side, you could easily pay $17,000,000. This means that whether you want to raise a few chickens or breed million dollar horses, you can easily make your dream a reality in Ocala.

Silver Springs Shores

It’s time to learn about this developing and hugely popular neighborhood in Ocala. Located to the south of the city, Silver Springs Shores is the place to find affordable homes and an overall attractive cost of living.

Officially, Silver Springs Shores is outside of Ocala’s city limits. This means that first-time home buyers can easily qualify for USDA no down payment home loans on properties in this area. For $200,000, you could get a spectacular first home that is the perfect starter property.

Making Silver Springs Shores even more attractive is how quickly it is developing to provide shopping and services to residents. With a Publix, a Walmart, gas stations, multiple shopping centers and all sorts of service providers, you don’t have to go far to get everything you need when you live in this neighborhood.

Silver Springs Shores Homes for Sale

Marian Oaks

Like Silver Springs Shores, Marion Oaks is a residential area that is just outside of the city limits. This makes it the ideal place to buy a home with USDA loans for first-time home buyers. Marion Oaks is becoming extremely well developed. In fact, it’s like a city all its own. This is not a small, contained housing development, but a true community that encompasses just over 14 square miles. You’ll find a shopping center, gas stations, churches, schools and grocery stores right where you need them. With low-cost houses that provide an interesting mixture of old and new construction, you’ll have plenty of reasons to love the lifestyle at Marion Oaks.

Marian Oaks Homes for Sale

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