Flood Zone Information Gainesville

Flood zone information in Gainesville

Flood Zone Information Gainesville

FEMA and Flood Zones Properties across Florida may be at risk of occasional flooding, but some sites are more at risk than others. That is as true in Gainesville as it is in other communities. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, commonly known as FEMA, many of the commercial, industrial and even residential properties … Continue reading “Flood Zone Information Gainesville”

finding the perfect realtor

How to Find a Realtor in Ocala

Buying or selling a property can be a complex and time-consuming process, especially if you are unfamiliar with the local market. That’s why it’s important to work with a reputable Realtor who can provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the real estate landscape in Ocala, Florida. Here are some tips to … Continue reading “How to Find a Realtor in Ocala”

Best areas to live in St. Augustine

Best Areas to Live in St Augustine

On Florida’s northeast coast, you’ll find the ancient and fascinating city of St. Augustine. With plenty of Spanish colonial architecture along with beaches on the Atlantic and the freshening breezes to go with them, St. Augustine is a wonderful place to live. As in any other city, St. Augustine boasts numerous neighborhoods. Which one offers … Continue reading “Best Areas to Live in St Augustine”

Best areas and neighborhoods to live in Ocala

Best areas to live in Ocala (With Updated Home Values)

Are you thinking about buying real estate in Ocala? Lots of families are choosing to make this highly livable city their home, and all of them want to know which areas in Ocala are the best ones. It turns out that when it comes to neighborhoods that offer outstanding quality of life, Ocala is spoiled … Continue reading “Best areas to live in Ocala (With Updated Home Values)”

9 most desired neighborhoods in Gainesville to live

9 Best Neighborhoods in Gainesville (With Updated Home Values)

Gainesville is one of Florida’s best cities, offering an excellent standard of living in stunning natural surroundings. It’s also the home of the University of Florida, making it a vibrant and bustling community. Nonetheless, there are some quieter suburban neighborhoods that help residents feel like the city is miles away. Which Gainesville neighborhood is right … Continue reading “9 Best Neighborhoods in Gainesville (With Updated Home Values)”

best neighborhoods in Amelia Island, FL

Best Neighborhoods in Amelia Island (W/ Current Home Prices)

Amelia Island is a favorite vacation destination for families across the country, so it’s no surprise that so many people would like to call it home. One of the chain of barrier islands known as the Sea Islands, Amelia Island is only 13 miles long, but it is loaded with golf courses, gorgeous beaches and … Continue reading “Best Neighborhoods in Amelia Island (W/ Current Home Prices)”

5 reasons people are moving to st augustine florida

5 Reasons People Are Moving to St. Augustine

A charming city with tons of historic appeal, St. Augustine is a popular vacation spot for tourists from around the world. What’s even better than visiting St. Augustine? Living there full time. Most people who are looking for a place to live in Florida give at least a small amount of consideration to settling down … Continue reading “5 Reasons People Are Moving to St. Augustine”

buying a home with a septic system, things to know

Real Estate 101: Buying a House with a Septic System

Buying a home is exciting, but being a homeowner also can be daunting prospect. One thing that home buyers may find off-putting is the idea of having a property with a septic tank. If you grew up and have always lived within city limits, then the idea of having a septic system as opposed to … Continue reading “Real Estate 101: Buying a House with a Septic System”

communities in St Johns County Florida

9 Best Communities in St. Johns County

Florida is growing fast. As hopeful buyers look to become residents, many new communities are making the transition to the Sunshine state easier. St. Johns County is experiencing a bulk of that growth providing many new master planned communities with amenities for all ages. To start things off, let’s take a look at the nine … Continue reading “9 Best Communities in St. Johns County”

reasons to get a home inspection

11 Reasons to get a Home Inspection

Are you buying a home? If so, congratulations! This is an exciting time, but it’s wise to keep your wits about you. In most cases, that means scheduling a home inspection. Inspections are critical to the home buying process, and they are equally as necessary whether you are buying an existing home or a new … Continue reading “11 Reasons to get a Home Inspection”