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Bold New City of the South

Families are finding lots of reasons to move to Jacksonville, Florida. Perhaps it’s the city’s rich cultural heritage, the beautiful natural surroundings or the low cost of living.

Whatever it is that attracts you to the Bold New City of the South, you’ll find plenty to love about the area. In fact, the more you learn about the city, the more likely you are to want to live here.

jacksonville bold new city of the south

History of Jacksonville

A favorable climate, access to rivers and the ocean and an embarrassment of riches in natural resources have made the Jacksonville area popular over the centuries.

The Timucuan Indians were among the region’s earliest settlers. Historians believe that their culture arose sometime around 500 B.C.E., but a lack of written records makes this difficult to determine.

With the arrival of the first Europeans in the early 16th century, the region began to take its place on the map. French Huguenots established the first settlement, known as Fort Caroline, in 1562. However, the Spanish destroyed the fort in 1565, ending the French presence in the area.

The Spanish dominated the territory upon arrival, building Fort San Mateo on the ruins of Fort Caroline. For two centuries, Spanish settlers lived off the land. Then, the conclusion of the Seven Years War meant that Spain must cede the territory to the British.

Britain only controlled the region for a couple of decades before the resurgence of the Spanish. However, they would only keep Florida for a short time before the territory was given to the U.S. in 1821.

Jacksonville’s townsite was established in 1822. The city began a bustling export business in lumber, cotton, vegetables and oranges. With the Civil War came strife, and Jacksonville suffered for many years even after the conflict was ended. The city appeared to be on the decline, especially with a devastating fire in 1901.

However, Jacksonville rose from the ashes, becoming a center of commerce and culture over the ensuing century.

Things To Do

Did you know that Jacksonville boasts the largest urban park system in America? No wonder it’s considered such a fabulous place to raise a family and enjoy the outdoors.


With 80,000 acres of parks, there’s always a new natural vista to explore. Among these parks are three national parks, seven amazing state parks and 400 friendly city parks. Add to this many public gardens and an arboretum, and you have a city that’s tailor made for outdoor adventures.


One of Jacksonville’s top attraction is the Museum of Science and History, or MOSH. A favorite with families, this facility boasts a planetarium and tons of interactive exhibits.


Another local highlight is the Fort Caroline National Memorial. The replica fort is complete with cannons and makes for a fascinating and informative day.


At the Florida Theatre, you can attend all sorts of events, including ballets and operas as well as an array of musical concerts.


If shopping is more your thing, then head to spots like St. Johns Town Center and Beaches Town Center. St. Johns provides more than 1.2 million square feet of shopping in the open air. From bargains to luxury brands, you’ll find everything here. The Beaches Town Center offers a more relaxed and eclectic experience that also lets you dip your toes into the ocean.

The NFL Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville is exceptionally proud of its professional football team, the Jaguars. The team plays at the TIAA Bank Field. A 1995 expansion team, the Jaguars have yet to appear in the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, the city hosted Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005.

If you live in Jacksonville, then you definitely want season tickets to the Jaguars!

Fun Facts

Even if you’re pretty familiar with Jacksonville, you may be surprised by these fun facts:

Real Estate

With its good schools, natural beauty and economic opportunities, it’s no surprise that so many families are choosing to call Jacksonville home.

Whether you’re single, newly married, have a growing family or are looking to downsize, Jacksonville real estate has something to offer you.

Condos, townhouses and single family dwellings are all available. Property may be found in the center of the city or in a relaxed suburban setting. Where will you find your dream home?

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