Selling your Property

No matter what all is going on in the world around you, selling your house is a big deal! You probably have a lot of memories and have put in a lot of time and money to make it what you wanted it to be. However, it can be well worth it if you do make the decision that it is time for you to sell. If you are ready to make a move, there is a right way and a way that will be a lot less stressful for you. It all starts with choosing the best realtor for you.

Find the Right Realtor

Look for the right real estate agent for your situation. There are a lot agents to choose from, but not every agent is going to be the best fit for you. Find a realtor that will be willing to truly put your needs first.

Find Your Home Value

Discover what your house is worth. There are many factors to consider and you will need to get an estimated value called a CMA (Comparative Market Analyses) from the realtor. Remember, sentimentality does not add or take away from the value of your house.

Fix Any Issues

Work through a group of various tasks with your Realtor’s guidance. There is much to do and a great realtor can help connect you to vendors and advise you on timing. Also, consider getting a pre-listing inspection done during this time.

Home Staging

Stage your home for photos and showings. This can be done with your existing furniture or with just a few items to give the potential buyers vision that they could make it their home. Don’t forget the outdoors!

Self Evaluation

View your home as if you were house hunting. Drive up to it and scan it as if you were a buyer. How is the curb appeal? Anything screaming out fix me? Remember most buyers do not want to purchase a house that immediately needs a lot of work done.

Make a Plan

Have a family meeting and get a daily plan of how to keep the home “show ready”. This allows for last minute showings to be an option and helps keep your home looking its best.
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