Ocala Historic District Homes for Sale

Ocala Historic Homes For Sale

Looking for a Historic Home?

Below is a list of historic homes for sale in Ocala, FL.

If you enjoy visiting quaint downtown areas, why not make one your home? The Ocala Historic District isn’t just a lovely place to spend an afternoon. When you buy real estate here, it becomes the ideal place to spend a lifetime.

Many things draw people to historic downtown Ocala. It is an eminently walkable neighborhood, which means that you can easily leave your residence and enjoy a stroll to a local restaurant, bar or shop. All basic services are within your reach, and the historic downtown is the perfect place to gather with friends and family to enjoy a festival or other special event.

The Historic Area in Downtown Ocala

The Ocala Historic District is located approximately three miles to the east of I-75. This means that highway access is convenient, but you still get to be surrounded by quaint, old-fashioned charm that never goes out of style.

When you’re not gathering at the town square with friends or enjoying some live music in one of the local venues, you can bask in the joy that comes of living in a piece of Ocala’s history. Most of the homes in this neighborhood were built around the 1900s or earlier, though some newer construction can be found as well. The active Historic Ocala Preservation Society, or HOPS, ensures that the Ocala Historic District will always retain much of its original character and appeal.

Downtown Ocala as it exists today dates back to the 1880s. The Civil War and fires destroyed much of the downtown district before this era, but since then, it has only known growth. In fact, between 1880 and 1930, downtown was considered the preeminent neighborhood in the growing community. Many continue to see the historic downtown as Ocala’s finest place to call home.

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Active Homes For Sale in the Historic District

If you are interested in learning more about the gorgeous homes that are available in historic downtown Ocala, contact us today. Living in this unique neighborhood provides you with an opportunity to preserve a priceless bit of history and call it your own. We can help you make that a reality.

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