Best areas to live in St. Augustine

Best Areas to Live in St Augustine

On Florida’s northeast coast, you’ll find the ancient and fascinating city of St. Augustine. With plenty of Spanish colonial architecture along with beaches on the Atlantic and the freshening breezes to go with them, St. Augustine is a wonderful place to live. As in any other city, St. Augustine boasts numerous neighborhoods. Which one offers … Continue reading “Best Areas to Live in St Augustine”

horse property ownership tips before you buy

4 Must Know Horse Property Ownership Tips

If you own a horse and are thinking about buying a property that would allow you to give up rented stable space, then it is critical for you to choose your new property carefully. Of course, buying real estate always requires time and careful reflection. It is important to consider the condition of the house, … Continue reading “4 Must Know Horse Property Ownership Tips”

9 most desired neighborhoods in Gainesville to live

9 best neighborhoods in Gainesville

Gainesville is one of Florida’s best cities, offering an excellent standard of living in stunning natural surroundings. It’s also the home of the University of Florida, making it a vibrant and bustling community. Nonetheless, there are some quieter suburban neighborhoods that help residents feel like the city is miles away. Which Gainesville neighborhood is right … Continue reading “9 best neighborhoods in Gainesville”

6 common mistakes to avoid when buying a home with VA loans

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home with VA Loans

Buying a property with a VA loan is one of the smartest decisions qualified veterans can make. While the process works fairly similar to conventional mortgages, there are a few things that make using VA loans slightly different. The Department of Veteran Affairs backs VA loans, which allow veterans to not pay a deposit on … Continue reading “6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home with VA Loans”

six best neighborhoods in Jacksonville

6 Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville

Jacksonville encompasses a huge swath of land in northern Florida. Located on the Atlantic Ocean and with the St. Johns River running through it, Jacksonville is the perfect place to live for people who love to play on, in or next to the water. Visitors come here to tour the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, the … Continue reading “6 Best Neighborhoods in Jacksonville”

6 of the best natural springs to visit in Ocala

6 Must-Visit Natural Springs In and Around Ocala

The things you can do at the Springs What’s the best thing about living in Ocala? Some people say that it’s natural beauty around every corner and some say it’s the abundance of natural springs. These warm, clear, pristine waterways offer idyllic settings for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Paddlers love them too because they … Continue reading “6 Must-Visit Natural Springs In and Around Ocala”

word equestrian center in Ocala fl

World Equestrian Center

Newcomers usually aren’t here long before they hear a lot about the World Equestrian Center. In fact, some people actually move to Ocala just to be closer to this famous facility. Even if you are not part of Ocala’s rich equestrian culture, you’ll probably want to visit at least a few times. That’s because the … Continue reading “World Equestrian Center”

events in Ocala FL

Events in Ocala

Things to do throughout the year People move to Ocala, Florida for any number of reasons. Perhaps it is the climate, the low crime rates or the excellent schools. Whatever draws them here, most residents find that events in Ocala make their hometown even more memorable and special. The city hosts many fun events each … Continue reading “Events in Ocala”

downtown square Ocala Florida

Downtown Square Ocala Florida

Take a Tour of Downtown Ocala Quaint, historic, lively, and full of surprises is how I would describe downtown Ocala, Florida. One of the things that sets it apart from other communities is its charming downtown square. In the downtown square you will find families, friends, and co-workers soaking up what this amazing town has … Continue reading “Downtown Square Ocala Florida”

most popular community types in Ocala

4 Most Popular Community Types in Ocala

Growth in Ocala In the last few years Ocala has grown in multiple ways. With many large companies moving into the area, it has brought with it growth in all areas. Recently the brand new Hilton Garden Inn opened in Downtown Ocala, which has brought what was already a very active downtown life to the … Continue reading “4 Most Popular Community Types in Ocala”