9 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

9 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

9 tips for selling your home during the winter

Is it harder to sell a home in the winter? Not necessarily, especially if you follow these nine trusted tips from expert Realtors.

1. Upgrade Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Winter may not represent the height of the growing season, but the state of your yard remains important to buyers. Make certain that flower beds look neat and tidy even if they’re not in bloom. Consider placing a few planters with seasonal blooms on the porch or along a pathway.

Rake away leaves and other yard debris, and also put away any out-of-season décor. Keep in mind that potential buyers may drive by at night to see what your home looks like. Install lighting along paths and flowerbeds and ensure that the porch lights are working.

2. Use Only Minimal and Tasteful Seasonal Décor

‘Tis the season for spreading holiday cheer, but not every buyer shares your celebratory mood. This means that it’s sensible to have a pared-down holiday display. Opt to only display the outdoor and indoor decorations that your family loves best, especially if these are tasteful and understated.

While you may love all of the lights, colors and motion-activated Santas, browsers may agree. They may be distracted or turned off by the display. Bearing this in mind, choose white lights and natural greenery to give your home a festive atmosphere that doesn’t overwhelm. Consider decorating one room instead of the whole house to give buyers a chance to see what your home looks like without holiday items.

Make certain that holiday décor is removed by the first days of January, when most house hunters won’t expect to see festive garlands and lights any longer.

3. Give Your Home a Good Cleaning

It’s important to not relax your cleaning standards when selling your home in the winter. Thanks to the harsher winter light and more time spent inside, your home can look dirtier than it might in other seasons.

Make certain that area rugs are clean by shaking them, vacuuming or running them through the washer if they are small enough. Clean the floor vents and baseboard heaters as well as the furnace room. Dust off the ceiling fans and light fixtures, and spend some time wiping down light switches and cabinet doors. Try to keep your floors as clean as possible by vacuuming or mopping between showings.

4. Don’t Overlook Seasonal Maintenance

Most homes need extra TLC in the winter, and when you’re trying to sell your home, it’s critical that you keep up with seasonal maintenance.

Schedule a cleaning and inspection of your HVAC or furnace system as early as possible. You want your heating and cooling equipment operating efficiently as it’s a huge selling point. Make certain that your home’s gutters and downspouts are clear, and trim any tree branches so that they don’t overhang or contact the house. Have your roof and chimney inspected for damage, scheduling any necessary repairs for the earliest possible date. Take a look at weather stripping and caulk to ensure that your home isn’t drafty.

5. Adjust the Temperature

Florida isn’t known for its freezing winter temperatures, but it still can get quite cool for many days. Ensure that your house is a cozy, warm temperature without being too hot. If you have a fireplace, consider lighting a small blaze to enhance the atmosphere and add some warmth.

Even if you prefer to have your thermostat set to 62 degrees in the winter, it’s wise to dial things up a few degrees so that house hunters get a warm and cozy vibe from your property.

6. Make the Lighting Just Right

Daylight hours are at a premium in the winter, even in Florida. This makes it more likely that your home may be shown in dusky light that could make certain aspects of the interior or exterior of your home difficult to see.

To take advantage of as much natural light as possible, make certain that your windows are clean both inside and out. Open the curtains and blinds to let in even more light. If you have dim bulbs in some fixtures, swap them out for brighter ones.

If your home will be shown on a gray, overcast day, then make certain that you take advantage of lamps, light fixtures and track lighting to give your home a rosy glow. A few well-placed flameless candles brighten up dark corners without giving off too much glare.

7. Make Your Home Winter Cozy

Add a few seasonal touches to your home’s décor to give it a cozier feel. Some blankets on the sofas and beds and additional throw rugs can make a huge difference. If you opt to use a scent diffuser of some kind, choose aromas like clove and cinnamon that are associated with the colder months. Place a coat rack in the entryway so that potential buyers have a convenient spot for their jackets too.

8. Have Seasonal Pictures on Hand

Does your home look quite different in the spring, summer and fall? Maybe you want to show off the fantastic blooms that appear in the summer but can’t be seen right now. Make certain that you make photographs of your home in various seasons available, perhaps in a small picture album, so that buyers can get a better idea of what your home looks like in other seasons.

9. Maintain Flexibility with Scheduling Showings

Winter can be a busy season with so many holiday obligations and events going on. This may mean that home buyers might request a showing earlier or later in the day than they might in other seasons. If you are serious about selling, then it’s wise to be flexible with your schedule so that as many house hunters as possible may visit your home.

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Author: Dawna Cantway

Dawna Cantway has worked in the housing market for over 20 years. Her experience has included drafting house plans for builders, working in the field on remodeling and renovation jobs with her husband, and advising interior design for homes and businesses. These varied skills come together to make a real estate agent with an ability to guide you beyond the typical.

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