7 Reasons People Are Moving To Gainesville

7 Reasons People Are Moving To Gainesville

7 reasons people are moving to Gainesville

Gainesville is a Great Place to Live

If you are considering a move to Gainesville, Florida, then you have a lot to look forward to. For instance, did you know that Gainesville is consistently named one of the best places to live in Florida?

What makes Gainesville such a special city?

It turns out that it’s a combination of many things. Some new residents are drawn by the University of Florida while others love all the parks and hiking trails. While some people come for the sunny weather, others arrive because they are seeking better economic opportunities. Still others are looking for a city that successfully combines affordability, great real estate and safe streets.

What are your reasons for moving to Gainesville? Perhaps you’ll find them in the list below along with a few new reasons why Gainesville is such an exceptional place to live.

1. The University of Florida

No doubt about it, Gainesville is a college town. Founded in 1853 and operating on its current site since 1906, the University of Florida is Gainesville’s biggest employer as well as being a social and cultural center. With 16 academic colleges in addition to 150 research institutes, something innovative and interesting is always happening on the UF campus.

Plus, UF athletics are a huge part of the fabric of life in Gainesville. The most popular sports are football and basketball, and many people move here so they can cheer on the Gators from the home stadium.

The campus also is recognized for its museums, including the Florida Museum of Natural History and the Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art. Several performing arts venues are located on campus as well, making UF a great place to treat yourself to a music, dance or theatrical performance.

Whether you are employed by UF, enroll as a student, attend sporting events or are a patron of the arts, the college can be a huge part of your life in Gainesville.

2. The Cost of Living Is Affordable

This active and bustling college town has a great deal going for it, but that doesn’t mean that it costs a fortune to live here. In fact, the cost of living in Gainesville is impressively affordable, with experts determining that it is approximately 8.7 percent cheaper to live in Gainesville than it is to live elsewhere in America. People earning an average income of $58,000 per year may expect to live quite comfortably, and the absence of state income tax is a huge bonus.

Nonetheless, keep in mind that Gainesville does have a sales tax rate of seven percent, and your homeowner’s insurance may be slightly higher here than it is in your current location.

3. State-of-the-Art Healthcare

Partially thanks to the presence of the UF Health Shands Hospital, you can rest assured that your health and wellness are in good hands when you choose real estate in Gainesville. UF Health Shands Hospital is placed among the country’s 50 best hospitals and is considered the state’s top hospital. In areas such as colon cancer surgery, hip replacement, heart failure and lung cancer surgery, this healthcare center outperforms most others.

The other major hospital in the city is North Florida Regional Medical Center. Specializing in cardiovascular care, orthopedics, women’s health, neuroscience, senior care and more, this hospital is a top-rated facility.

4. Parks and Recreation

Gainesville real estate is an excellent choice for people who want to get outside and be active. The city is bursting with gorgeous parks like the Kanapaha Botanical Garden, which features 68 acres of gorgeous plants, trees and herbs. Head to Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park to explore eight diverse trails and take advantage of opportunities to view bison and wild horses. You can even see the largest live oak tree in Florida with a visit to Cellon Oak Park.

Whether you want to hike, bike, play games with your family or view wildlife, Gainesville definitely has a park for you.

5. The Real Estate

Are you looking for an impressive property to call home? Chances are good that you’ll find it in Gainesville. The market here is absolutely booming with most properties only staying on the market for about two weeks. Prices are rising, and properties are moving fast.

Single-family homes, condos and townhouses all are widely available in Gainesville. To make certain that you have the best opportunity to find the home of your dreams at the right price point, work with an experienced Realtor who truly understands the local market.

6. An Expanding Job Market

Are you looking for a place to live that also provides you with opportunities for economic growth? Look no further than Gainesville.

Growing at an average rate of three percent per year, the job market in Gainesville is increasing all the time. Most people look for work in the booming education and healthcare industries. A wide selection of service-sector jobs regularly is available as well.

With its growing population and economy, Gainesville also is a spectacular place to consider starting a business. Your dreams can come true when you choose real estate in Gainesville.

7. The Sun

Have we mentioned that Gainesville’s weather is amazing? Situated in northern Florida, Gainesville’s climate is described as humid subtropical. This means that summers are long, humid and warm while the winters are dry and short. On average, July is the hottest month with average high temperatures of 90 degrees. By contrast, January normally is the coldest month with average high temperatures a relatively balmy 64 degrees.

It doesn’t snow in Gainesville, and temperatures lower than 44 degrees are rare even in January. It may rain approximately 50 inches a year, but most residents don’t let that get them down. Gainesville is in a low-risk zone for hurricanes, so there’s little reason to worry about major storms.

Ready to Make a Move to Gainesville?

This list of seven reasons people are moving to Gainesville is just the beginning. From a bustling nightlife and sensational restaurants to quaint shops and water sports, Gainesville has something for everyone.

If you are considering a move to Gainesville, make a call to Florida’s Choice Realty your first step. Our local real estate experts will guide your home search so that you find the property of your dreams.

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